Staff Intern Application

Film School Africa College is now accepting staff intern applications!

Should you have a love for film and a desire to train and/or serve alongside others we'd love to hear from you!

You will be responsible to raise your support (used for food, housing, airfare, insurance, vehicle, etc.), but we will walk with you through the process. We encourage you to engage others in your support journey for several reasons:

1. So that your family and friends are connected to what your doing and can cover you with not only financial but also prayer support.

2. So that you can connect your network to the Film School Africa ministry. Once you've lived, taught or worked side by side with students, we hope you'll have a desire to engage others in the ongoing support of these students. Because people like you make their success possible through your generous one-time and monthly support.

We are currently not able to have USA interns longer than 90 days, as this is the maximum you can stay without a visa.

At Film School Africa you will live on campus in staff housing, surrounded by college students. In addition to FSA College, we have two local community schools that you can be involved with to give you a rich and varied cultural experience!