Current Needs

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Building Funds

We have purchased a building in Somerset West (30 minutes outside Cape Town) for our College program, where students can live and learn. We currently owe $180,000 on this 1500 square meters property. This facility will provide vital classrooms, editing facility, office space, student housing and staff housing. To join us in this endeavor, contact us directly under the "Get Involved" form to the right of this page.

A Van

Click this link to support our campaign for a van - and join our crew!

College Student Scholarship

$6000 will provide a student with education, housing, and 3 meals a day for an entire year! We currently have 11 students on scholarship for 2018 and would love to be able to not only continue covering these deserving students, but would also love to offer more with the opportunity in 2019.

Click this link to support our scholarship campaign and join our crew!


We are always in need of new equipment. Major needs include new Apple Computers, Video Cameras, SLR Cameras, Lights and Software.

University Involvement

  • Donate your school’s lightly used media equipment so that we can put it to use in Africa!
  • Once you’ve graduated, apply to become a staff intern for a year or more! We can help you raise funds and use your gifts and talents to help teach and equip others.

Join a Team

We take teams of people like you to South Africa, give you a chance to work with our students and team on the ground, and use your skills and talents to bless FSA!

Start a Campaign!

Maybe you know people that we should know! One of the greatest gifts you can give to FSA, is to share us with your friends and tell them why this organization is important to you. Pick a need and set a goal that scares you! You’ll be amazed at how fun it is to watch your friends and family start to respond in ways that you never expected. Current major needs are: Equipment, College Student Scholarship, and Building Fund. Start your campaign today!

Attend or even Host an Event!

Each year Film School Africa hosts a series of fundraising events around the USA. We would love to see you there, you can even bring some friends! If you feel like you can fill a living room with people, then perhaps you’re ready to host an event in your town?