A Match for a Van!

Written by: Katie Taylor Posted on: June 17, 2017 Blog: Updates / Blogs

Sometimes life’s kind of’ tough!

Or perhaps the better word is challenging.

In April, I became incredibly sick. The reason didn’t become clear for nearly two weeks. After two nights in the hospital and a CT scan, it became apparent an emergency appendectomy was required to alleviate an abscess.

(By the way, being sick can be a little scary when your Mom is half-way around the world.)

But I was incredibly blessed and received exceptional care from surgeons and nurses. And I’m truly grateful for all who ministered to me and prayed—even from a long-distance.

Recently I spoke with a young man from an underprivileged community—like the young people our Film School Africa staff work with every day.

He shared his story of loss after loss. With my recent hospitalization fresh on my mind, I delved deeper to learn that this young man had several friends die because they didn’t receive adequate medical care.

You see, the medical attention I received and the medical attention my students and their families receive is quite different. And it breaks my heart—as I’m sure it does yours—to consider the far-reaching affects poverty has on the lives of FSA students.

It makes me even more grateful for all you are doing in their lives through Film School Africa.

Trust me—it matters big time!

One of FSA’s goals is to change the lives students are experiencing by educating, empowering and equipping students so they can secure meaningful employment through film and the visual arts.

Gasthon is a wonderful example. A former student, he currently serves as coordinator in the Strand community film program. He’s full-time staff and leads classes in his own backyard. No, I don’t mean that metaphorically—he really leads classes in his own backyard!

For two years he taught and directed our programs in a cold high school classroom with no access to restrooms. During that time, he lived in a space shared with his large extended family.

He helped locate a great property in Strand, which came with a modest house. Thanks to you—friends like you and some incredible volunteers—the house has been transformed into a place Gasthon calls home. And as a bonus—he provides the property with security.

When I consider the significant and life-changing differences in Gasthon’s life, I can’t wait to see what God does next with others!

With nine students in the college program, the need for a van to transport them has quickly gone from “wouldn’t that be nice” to an absolute necessity. The van will also provide transportation for teams of volunteers, get our community students to workshop weekends and film festivals and will make it possible to transport college students to various film shoot locations.

I’ve located a “gently” used van that can be purchased for $20,000. I know—a van isn’t sexy.

But it’s exactly what’s needed. And it will help provide adequate transportation so quality film training can be experienced and young lives can be dramatically enhanced.

Will you help reach this big goal for a big van?

I’m quickly reminded we all have different roles, responsibilities and opportunities, but each of us play a crucial role. God has called me to South Africa to help equip students for careers in film and media.

But without your generous financial support—that can’t happen.

As you consider the size and scope of your gift, there is good news. A generous donor has agreed to match the first $5,000 given in response to this letter to you.

And just as exciting is that literally, within the last few minutes of writing this letter, another FSA contributing couple has indicated their intent to match the next $5,000.

So, the first $10,000 will be matched dollar for dollar—allowing FSA to move forward with the purchase of a “gently” used van! Your gift—whatever the size—will help capture the matches and quickly purchase the much-needed vehicle.

Pretty exciting, don’t you think?

Thank you for your prayers during my surgery and recovery and for your generous gift today. I promise it will be used to help equip young people with life-changing skills.

Forever grateful,

You can support this effort by clicking here or going to filmschoolafrica.org to donate.

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