August 2017 Update

Written by: Katie Taylor Posted on: September 10, 2017 Blog: Updates / Blogs

Barbwire final

It’s Canton, Ohio’s Pro Football Hall of Fame week—my final week in the States.

On Saturday evening Jerry Jones and six other men were inducted into the Hall of Fame. In an interview during Thursday night’s game, Jerry said, “Just like anyone who finds success, I couldn’t have done it alone.”

It’s an incredibly true statement.

My move to South Africa, came in large part because of Dave Coen—a man who loves South Africa and expressed that love by coordinating mission trips to his homeland. He would humbly say he was simply doing what the Lord placed on his heart to do.

And that was the beginning of Film School Africa.

That’s God’s foresight.

During a second trip to South Africa, I had a brief conversation with a young man who shared his desire and dream to work with film. The problem was—he had neither skills nor tools. His words sparked passion for those with no opportunity to really dream, even though I haven’t seen him since.

That’s God’s conviction.

The students in Film School Africa’s first official class impacted my direction, and my life was never going to be the same. Their willingness to share vulnerable stories while the camera rolled, gave me a glimpse of the healing potential of film.

That’s God’s compassion.

And now—almost ten years later—two community schools and a college program have been established, and the growing staff is proof positive that FSA continues to affect positively the lives of young people.

That’s God’s vision.

Filming interviews with students in 2008, I had hoped to make a documentary about Film School Africa. But as time passed and schedules jammed—the ever-increasing amount of film footage seemed insurmountable!

But then a Taylor University grad arrived in South Africa with a passion to make folks aware of organizations like FSA. A missionary kid himself, he had a vision for the documentary film I had been dreaming about.

Now I’m excited to share that Nathan has completed the film. It will soon be seen in a number of key film festivals across the United States. A trailer can be viewed at our website—

That’s God’s faithfulness.

None of this would be possible without you. As a key FSA partner you make a difference. Your generosity blesses students you’ve perhaps never met!

And your gifts provide film equipment, computers and even a bag of groceries for a student who lost her job and had no way to feed her daughter. I may have been the one who handed her the groceries—but you made it possible.

That’s God’s provision.

Now you understand why the words of Hall of Famer Jerry Jones, rang so clearly in my ears. I couldn’t do any of this without you.

Coming to the States this summer has been a wonderful experience. The passion and undergirding I have experienced from so many family and friends have been truly remarkable. New and old friends alike have overwhelmed me with kindness.

But, perhaps I didn't get to see you...

So I’m hoping this letter will create an opportunity for you to participate with Marie and me in the ministry of Film School Africa. Soon we’ll be greeted by students who are excited to hear about YOU. They’re grateful for the way you helped them pursue their dreams of a career in film.

Again, none of this could happen if it weren’t for YOU. And that’s why your gift today of $1,000, $500, $250 or more helps make a difference in lives.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to Film School Africa. Students are deepening their faith in Christ and learning how to secure a career in film.


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