Reminder about the importance of hope...found in the most unlikely of places

Written by: Katie Taylor Posted on: May 6, 2016 Blog: Updates / Blogs

"For my community, what I can say is, I hope there's hope. I hope there's hope."

We had a unique experience a few days ago, interviewing a former member of a notorious gang in the Cape Flats...a murderer, once drug addict, who has lost her children to the foster system in the process. We couldn't even show her face during the interview because her life would be at risk.

She only shed tears once, and that was when she spoke about finding the Church - "her way out".

It was a profound moment for me, when she uttered the words, thank you...for letting me tell my story. I've never spoken with anyone before about this, and it's good to be able to talk about it.

This young woman knows all too well, that sometimes hope is hard to come by.

FSA wants to provide hope for young people living in similar communities by giving them the tools and skills to get out - and at the same time connect them to the source of Hope.

We need your help.

Please click the link and make a difference for young hopefuls! I'll be so grateful you did.

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